If you are stopped in your car, DO…

  • DO show your license, registration and proof of insurance.
  • DO keep your hands on the wheel.
  • DO make it clear that you do not agree to have your car searched.
  • DO sign your ticket if you are given one.
  • DO take the blood, urine, or breath test.
  • DO keep your car interior clear of unnecessary objects.

 If you are stopped in your car, DON’T…

  • DON’T physically resist a search warrant, but make it clear you DO NOT AGREE TO A SEARCH.
  • DON’T refuse to sign a ticket.
  • DON’T search for your license or registration until asked.
  • DON’T refuse a blood, urine, or breath test.
  • DON’T disrespect the officer.
  • DON’T attempt to bribe.
  • DON’T play music loudly.
  • DON’T have any objects hanging from your review mirror.


Tips On Surviving a Police Stop

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